“Eternity Scrambled” Finally, my rap debut.

Max created “Eternity Scrambled” almost 100% in his bedroom, and if you listen closely, you’ll hear his roommate’s cat, Nibbles, make a cameo.

My rap alias is MC Quinoa, because gluten-free shit is really in right now.

The song itself was fun to make, but the editing process was a terror to watch. Max would listen to the song on his computer, like it, listen to it on his iPod, hate it, fix it, like it again, listen to it in his car, only to come back inside wailing “Too much bass!”, throwing himself once more into a labyrinth of cold, ugly, music-making software.

Take heed, children. The life of a beat-maker isn’t all champagne and soft-boiled eggs. Some days you wear your mouse down to a nub with tedious clicking, naught for company but some freelancing witch hunched in the corner, snarling over her blog and gnawing a raw potato.



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