Objection! This Billboard is Just Too Much.


This is the billboard I get to admire when I toot down North Lamar. David Komie is a lawyer, and the proud owner of a thriving colony of dreadlocks.  His smirk is winsome, inspiring confidence in all who pass under his friendly, shifty gaze.

He can be seen here filing a motion to melt your face. If you’re injured, he will argue your case with everything he’s got, and then serenade you until you feel better. He has been known to set fire to plaintiff’s  exhibits, on the grounds of “ROCK AND ROLL, BABY!” Once, he bit the head off a bat as his opening argument. Moreover, he doesn’t make you feel like a lame, boring adult for hiring a lawyer. Yes, you had to spend a week filing motions so that your company’s insurance would cover your severed whatever, but hey! You got to hang out with an awesome, rockin’ attorney!

My Dad is a lawyer, so I know what those typically look like. Below is what he looks like.


In this picture, someone had just asked him what he thought of dreadlocks.


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