Baby Versailles, La Maison des Femmes

I moved into my new place August 1st.

Before (gross).




The cement floor will build character.

This Pflugerville dwelling is positioned so that it gets very little sunlight. Nonetheless, there is a sign notifying the residents that the heavy, purple shades must be drawn throughout the day to keep the A/C from escaping.

The floor is blue , the walls are periwinkle and lavender. Along with the closed blinds, the color scheme creates a cool, blue cave. It’s calming, but perpetually crepuscular.


My landlady, Megan, stopped by the other day to drop off a bouquet of baby’s breath and something purple. She seems just a little bit older than I am.

I casually asked some probing questions about the decor. Megan explained that when she initially moved to it from an apartment, she felt like a princess. Hence “Baby Versailles.” (Since it’s in rural Pflugerville, I feel Baby Petit Trianon would be more fitting. But it’s not my castle.) She moved out of the house when she got married, and now rents her property to women only. Just as well- the persistent use of periwinkle and fresh bouquets probably makes men uncomfortable.

All of the cabinets, refrigerator shelves, and counters are labeled, just like in a fairy tale.


My room is right next to the kitchen. I am already secret enemies with anyone who uses the microwave in the morning.


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