>:( ***Craigslist Housing Difficulties *** >:(

Back is up against the ol’ wall again. After I survived my clothes going missing in the mail for 2 weeks, I thought I was little miss no-more-disasters. But my living plans have fallen through for August. I received a receipt for my deposit on my rental that was to start August 1, only to see the monthly rent was stated as 4 times the amount of my deposit.

“What?” I inquired.

There had been a grave misunderstanding. I’m unwilling to pay what the landlord actually wants because the house does not include a washer, dryer, or dish-washing machine. And there is a trampoline in the living room. And the walls are festooned with tribal masks and knickknacks the landlord acquired on his travels, imbued with who knows what mystical powers.

Not worth it

Not worth it

After a fraught discussion with my would-be landlord, I got out of my car only to find myself staring down a vulture with an eviscerated rodent in its beak. Omens, anyone?

Comin' to getchya!

Comin’ to getchya!

So I have turned once again to Craigslist. I am emailing all affordable properties that aren’t a strict vegan collective, or filled with cats, or this:


Update: Also not this

nude church


4 thoughts on “>:( ***Craigslist Housing Difficulties *** >:(

  1. What is wrong with the classified above? Anyone who describes themselves as non-flakey and reliable is probably not going to provide you with exciting copy for your blog …but is the kind of person who will bail you out at 4 AM and stop by the all night diner on the way home from jail if you ask nicely…and that’s the kind of roommate you want. 420 friendly is just an added perk.


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